European offshore wind leader

Strategic partner Vattenfall is one of Europe’s largest operators of offshore wind, with substantial construction and development projects.

Substantial track record

At the end of the first quarter of 2023, Vattenfall had 2.6 GW of offshore wind power in operation, while 1.9 GW is under construction and 12.7 GW is under development.

Among the offshore wind farms in operation is Scandinavia’s largest. Kriegers Flak, located in the Baltic Sea, 15-40 kilometres off the Danish coast. In May 2020, Vattenfall put the first foundation in place at Kriegers Flak, and all 72 turbines were installed on schedule by the summer of 2021. Vattenfall is also working on plans for a new wind farm at the Swedish portion of Kriegers Flak.

Above: Scandinavia’s largest offshore wind farm, Kriegers Flak, located in the Baltic Sea.

Vattenfall has also supplied the first electricity from what will become the world’s largest offshore wind farm when completed, Hollandse Kust Zuid in the Netherlands.

Above: Installation of wind turbines on the Hollandse Kust Zuid project on Vessel Wind Osprey (Cadeler) tower, nacelle and blades installed by Siemens Gamesa.

In December 2022, Vattenfall announced that it had entered a joint venture with Metsähallitus, which manages the land and water areas of the Finnish state, to build and operate Finland’s first major offshore wind farm.

Unmatched project ability

These projects, as well as a number of others, means Vattenfall has an unmatched ability to develop, construct and operate offshore wind assets.

Combined strengths

In Norway, Vattenfall’s leading European position will be combined with the strengths of Seagust and its owners, Ferd and Arendals Fossekompani, and their extensive history of building Norwegian industry to provide industrial opportunities for Norwegian suppliers, in and outside Norway.

Primary growth area

Vattenfall has defined offshore wind as its primary growth area, focusing on north-western Europe, where the company has a strong pipeline and seeks to differentiate itself through additional capabilities such as system integration and deep integration of hydrogen.

In pursuing its offshore wind strategy, Vattenfall has several competitive advantages:

  • Good understanding and fast adaptation to national energy policies and the tender landscapes 
  • Close supplier collaboration with joint focus on decreasing levelized cost of energy
  • Ability to decrease O&M costs by applying latest business and industry standards
  • Focus on innovation and integration of Offshore Wind assets into the energy system
  • Strong focus on environment, biodiversity and sustainability

Vattenfall has defined offshore wind as its primary growth area.